A washed up, former wunderkind of the snooker world has one last chance to revive his career. Battling with addiction and the ghosts of his past, is there more at stake than just the score?

PETRICHOR is a dark, psychological exploration of fame, sport and depression.

Starring Paul Kaye and Clive Russell. Funded by BFI NETWORK / Film London. Supported by the Mental Health Foundation and State of Mind.



Films: Midair (2021) Petrichor (2020) Sink or Swim (2017) Gill & Gill (2015) Balkan Idol (2015) Teaching a Tree to Sing (2014)

Music: Kelly Lee Owens - Lucid



A solitary dancer's balletic struggle with depression.

Director Louis-Jack and choreographer Charlotte Edmonds dive into the mind of a person struggling with depression in this film supported by the mental health charity Mind.

The film stars world-renowned ballet dancer Francesca Hayward in an unprecedented underwater performance inspired by a self-portrait of the painter Ian Cumberland, in which he is depicted submerged in a bath of water.



Gates of Rome explores the power and limits of political gesture in the fractured times we live in. Metropolitan hands to act out a range of gestures derived from mainstream politicians and counter-cultural movements to explore the power of these gestures today.

Set in an ambiguous space that evokes a nightclub, repetitive gesticulations move to a soundtrack inflected with samples of nostalgic club classics. Actions are framed by an interior stream of thought and branded recollections that evoke a fraught semblance of togetherness and reveal an uncommitted interchangeability.



Gill & Gill is both visual essay and visceral poem, a celebration and an exploration of our relationship with stone and craft. It compares two masters of the material: one of rock climbing, the other of letter carving.

Eric Gill and John Gill were the respective fathers of modern letter carving and bouldering. One shaped, the other scaled, but why did stone speak to them both? By way of answer this film, narrated by the acclaimed British actor Clive Russell, follows their twenty-first century successors: Richard Kindersley, world-renowned letter carver, and Lucy Creamer, Britain’s greatest female climber.

This is a shorter version of the full 16 minute film.



Made with the artist Gery Georgieva, the film contrasts a chalga (Eastern European pop music) nightclub and a communist monument from her native country Bulgaria – both locations being sites of contested national identity and history.

Gery Gerogieva performs a remixed folk song and dances between these two locations as they begin to uncanilly merge around here.

Made in collaboration with Gery Georgieva. Commissioned by Frieze Film and Channel 4 Random Acts.



The film follows two master luthiers as they build a Lute from beginning to end. The film explores the relationship between the making of the instrument and the accompanying original score, written by Laurence Osborn, specifically for the lute in construction. It compares the artistry and practices of luthiers, musicians and composers.

This is an abridged version. Full film is 16 minutes.

Luthiers: Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris